26 Nov 2017

Here's Scooby, a young springer that didn't have the best start in life. His new failed foster parents looked into doing Scentwork to give scooby something to do other than constantly chase shadows. He has been attending our classes at Effingham and is doing so well, i...

5 Nov 2017

Busy day for our Surrey Scentwork trainers today - spent the day working with Scentwork UK to become qualified to hold our very own Trials and judge Trials. 

If you are interested in entering into a Trial with your dog, register your interest with your trainer and watch...

4 Nov 2017

Our level two Saturday morning dogs worked SO hard today, so much so that some of the dogs couldn't help but have 40 winks whilst waiting for their turn! 

Scentwork is quite possibly the best activity for providing mental stimulation - although the dogs may not seem to...

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