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Scentwork Trials

Our trainers are now qualified Scentwork UK  certified Judge and Trial Organisers!  

What is a Trial?

So you've been working hard with your dog, now it's time to take it that step further! 

Scentwork UK offers 8 Levels of progression. Progression is by passing the individual levels at any trial organized by Scentwork UK against a consistent national standard.

Everyone starts at Level one and progression is by passing that individual level. You can stay at a Level as long as you want gaining points towards an ‘Excellent Title’ or if you think your dog needs more experience at that particular level.

Each search area is worth 25 points -  20 points  for a correct find and five points for handling.

Although the objectives of each level are slightly different, the main aim of trials progression is to motivate participants, help them focus on their training by achieving small steps in their dog training journey.

Who can take part in a Trial?

Once you have completed a full course with us, your trainer will give you the opportunity to enter a Trial. However, if you want to do scentwork purely for fun, you don't have to compete in a Trial if you do not want to. 

Level One

Objectives :

The dog to recognise one odour in three of the four search areas.

Handlers to be able to read their dog’s body language.

3 minutes per search area

Notes :
  • Any odour can be used at a trial.

  • The judge must be satisfied that the dog recognises the odour with the handler calling the correct ‘Alert/Find’.

  • There are 4 parts, known as search areas, to the trial, ‘Container’, ‘Tables & chairs’, Exterior’ and ‘Vehicle’.

  • The dog & handler team need to be successful in 3 out of the 4 search areas.

  • If the handler calls an incorrect alert, they will not be allowed to carry on and it will be ‘fail’ for this team in this particular search area.

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