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You can do it!

What a brilliant week of classes we have had this week! After seeing some excellent search work from our classes in Finchampstead and Effingham, it was time to step up the game!

This week we introduced some blind searches for the owners...they were instructed to send their dogs in to search, turn their backs on the dogs and let them get on with it!

The purpose of the exercise was explained to the owners and they were ready to give it a go!

The results were just amazing! Some of the dogs took a bit longer to adapt to the idea that mum/dad couldn't help, others flew in, got the job done and were ready and waiting for their reward. The confidence from the dogs increased drastically when the dogs had found the article then had to show it to their handlers.

The searches were filmed, so that the owners could watch back and see their dogs searching and using indications - sometimes it's hard to notice it in your own dog when your so busy trying to make sure your reward timings are right.

Fantastic work from all handlers and dogs at Finchampstead and Effingham this week. Well done all!

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