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Scentwork UK - Amendments to the Guidelines L1-8

Scented articles in the L5-8 ‘Exterior search’ should be hidden at least 4ft (120cm) from each other. (Amended 7/7/2018)

In Levels 5-8 if a handler calls the alert/find on a previously found article no marks will be lost and neither will this result in a ‘false alert’. (Amended 5/7/2018)

In L1-4 a dog & handler team can only enter two levels if the team has already qualified at the lowest level that it has been entered in at a previous trial. (Amended 15/06/2018)

In L1-4 it is at the Trials manager discretion whether to accept entries from those competitors on a different odour as to those stated at that particular level. (Amended 01/06/2018)

Changes made to L4 regarding ‘Distraction Scents’ (See Document) (Amended 21/08/2018)

Calling the ‘Alert/Find’ – When the handler thinks his/her dog has found the scented article the handler should tell the judge either verbally and/or raising their hand/arm to the judge. The judge will tell the handler at the time if this is correct and this will result in a pass or fail for this team. (level s 1-8 12th September 2018)

Bitches in Season - Bitches in season are not allowed to compete at the trial or be mated at the venue. (Level 1-8 – 12th September 2018)

The competitor will have the option of knowing when they have reached the ‘half time’ mark and/or have a 30 second warning. The competitor should inform the judge and the scribe of their request before each search starts. (Levels 5 & 6 – 12th September 2018)

Number of dogs entered at a trial. It is at the trials manager’s discretion whether to accept two entries from a competitor for entering two dogs in the same level at a trial. (Levels 1-8 – 7th November 2018)

Deductions – Points will be lost for the following reasons: the dog not quite on the source of the hidden article, dog swallowing the article, the dog spending a lot of time not searching the items under test, dog leaving the search area, the dog keep returning to the location of the scented item and dogs fouling (see also below) the search area. (Levels 1-4 – 28th November 2018)

Marks for Handling – Marks for handling will be given for teamwork between dog and handler and systematic area coverage of the search area. Points will be lost for the handler pulling the dog away from the hidden scent, the handler getting in the dog’s way, feeding the dog in the test area and over use of verbal corrections. (Levels 1-4 – 28th November 2018)

In the vehicle and the perimeter search (2/4 Tables & 8 Chairs & perimeter – see page below) if the dog is near the source of the scent, but it is not clear to the judge that the dog has communicated the exact location to the handler, the judge should ask “where?” The handler must then indicate the source of the scent by pointing or gesturing. For the Level 1-4 trials, the handler may indicate an area up to 6 inches, on any axis. (a vertical six inches, a horizontal six inches, or a diagonal six inches). (Level 4 – 28th November 2018)

The boxes can either be ‘open end’ up or ‘over turned’ (see pictures below) and the scented articles should be placed just under the flap or just in the seam. (Level 1 – 18th December 2018)

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