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Super Speedy or Calm & Collected?

Within a class environment, we see all different types of searchers; the ones that fly in at 200mph, zoom round the search area in what looks like a complete maze, find the scent, come out and feel as though they have conquered the world, others which search the area so methodically, working each area precisely making sure nothing is missed, find the scent, come out and have a lay down and others which go in, casually have a wonder, come across the scent, have their reward and get on with the next task.

Sometimes it becomes too easy for the handlers to compare their dogs with the others in the class, but the most important thing to remember is your dog still found what you asked them to find! It really doesn’t matter how they get there, the job is still done!

Wondering what type of searcher you will have? Come along and join us to find out!

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