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Workshop - Saturday 25th March 2017

Saturday 25th March brought our first all day workshop at our private venue near Dunsfold. We had fifteen dogs attend ranging from all ages, breeds and standards.

We spent the morning working with food getting the dogs using their nose to search rather than their eyes! It didn't take long before we heard the noses sniffing away searching for the food.

After a short coffee break for us and a quick snooze for the dogs, it was back to work. This time we added more items and made the food more difficult to get. After a few search rounds it was time for lunch. Lunch was included in the workshop fee and included freshly home made burgers by one of our head trainers, jacket potatoes and salad.

Returning to work after lunch, we introduced the dogs to the scent. Some dogs took to the scent quicker than others and required some help, but they all did so well considering most of the dogs hadn't done scentwork before.

We finished the day with a quick walk round the venue, dogs back into the car and tea, coffee and cake for us!

'Thank you so much for the fun day, learnt a lot, & will be practising ready for level two, and thanks for the food as well, Nelson has finally crashed out'

'Enjoyed it very much. Thank you. Wendy & Ellie'

'Fab day. Well organised. Really good fun. Noah totally shattered! Thanks again'

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