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Building Confidence

Scentwork is a great activity for many reasons, but the most important and most rewarding for me, is watching the dogs confidence grow week after week.

Whether they are dog reactive, people reactive, fearful or just lacking general everyday confidence, we work at a pace they can cope with and slowly we begin to notice the slight changes in the dogs behaviour. They begin to relax, enjoy the work they are doing and start to have fun!

It doesn't take long before the dogs are pulling to get through the door and excited to get started, which is so great to see!

Here is Barney, who is highly people reactive due to a very bad start in life. He came to along to our Effingham scentwork classes as a way to build his confidence to help him cope with the outside world better. It took him a few weeks to relax and adopt to the surroundings but as he relaxed he coped with being handled by someone else, giving eye contact and not freaking out by the situation.

If you have a dog who could do with an extra boost and have some fun whilst doing so, get in touch and let's get started!

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